Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Tail-Feather of Two Cities: Paris or London Who Has the Sexiest Club?

Peter Stringfellow’s London club goes up against the seductive Crazy Horse club in Paris

We compare two of the most infamous clubs in Europe to help you make the most of a cheeky (but ever-so classy) weekend in one of these two capital cities. If the trip to Vegas turned out only to be a pipedream, hop on the Eurostar or the tube to discover some of the greatest cabaret shows in the world.

The Crazy Horse Paris is undoubtedly a representation of Parisian nightlife because of a dedication to the sublime, the experienced and unbelievably incendiary group of underground sensation have attracted many celebrity guest performers and spectators, so can be described as world class when it comes to putting on a show. Likely to shock but sure to entertain and captivate any audience the Crazy Horse Paris combines the female form and neon lighting in such a way that makes Las Vegas glow with jealously.

Peter Stringfellow’s club portrays a side of nightlife in London well-liked by many but controversial among others in part for the the character of the wayward proprietor of this London club. Always the centre of scandal as with the Crazy Horse Paris, Stringfellow concentrates more on media scandal rather than creating a subversive show. Ever popular for providing gentlemen with their wildest fantasies it is hard to go wrong with a la carte food and beautiful women dancing on top of your table while you unwind after a hard day at the office. Less female and couple friendly than the Crazy Horse Paris, it is more appropriate for a stag night or male-centric corporate events than an attraction to be enjoyed by all, but still retains its reputation as a classy sort of joint.

Are you a crazy horse or a wild stag? To know this is to know where to head. Paris offers super-charged, electrifying, and a night of false eyelashes, bizarre wigs and unparalleled showmanship suitable for men, women and the downright curious. But for a night of fiendish fun, only London has the answer without heading to the infamous desert strip in the west.

Both infamous for various reasons but getting greater as they grow older (somewhat like the unstoppable Stringfellow himself) these clubs will continue to add flair, style and class to nights out in either of the most ecxiting capitals in Europe. However, where Stringfellows offers hot honeys trained to entrance and leave aroused punters wanting more, the Crazy Horse Paris invokes a mysterious era of entertainment hidden from public view and shocking those who dared venture into their intriguing world with so much more than the amount of flesh on show.

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