Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Louvre tickets

1. The Mona Lisa

The primary reason for swathes of people waiting in line for Louvre tickets and is situated within its own room to deal with the volume of curious eyes and tours of visitors. Smaller in real life than most people expect but still one of the most intruiging faces ever captured on canvas, the young lady behind the Mona Lisa still mystifies, her knowing smile politely aimed at those who come to see her.

2. Winged Victory

Lovingly rebuilt after being discovered in 1863 the statue is an acknowledgement of the love the French maintain for the rich history housed within the Louvre. The statue has experienced a significant makeover and still provides historians with a puzzle to figure out as pieces of the arms and fingers were discovered throughout the 20th century. Homage to the goddess Nike the piece ensured victory for the brave sailors of the time.

3. Venus de Milo

A fitting statue in the city of love this sculpture of Venus, the Roman goddess of love (or Aphrodite to the Greeks) is dated to about 100BC. Even though she is today limbless on the upper part of her body the statue is one of the finest examples of Hellenistic sculpture, and is undoubtedly more enthralling in reality than in photographs or drawings, as is true of all goddesses.Worth the Louvre tickets alone.

4. Liberty Leading the People

Understand the people of Paris and France through this painting alone. One of Delacroix’s most heralded works the image stands as a symbol of the freedom of the French civilians and their struggle for libert√©, egalit√© and fraternit√©. Created in 1830 after the July Revolution the painting shows hope for the future as Marianne stands at the head of the population as well as containing many images of the still-recent French Revolution.

5. The building itself

The biggest star according to some as the centuries old palace is coupled with glasswork designed and built in the 1980s. With the potential for being a crime against the Louvre palace the glass shape has transformed the entire area into a unique and fascinating attraction.

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